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We are Moon Tribe


We are on a journey to share higher vibrations and connect our tribe. We create ethical clothes for contemporary yogis and mystics to inspire us and celebrate our conscious community.



Discover your light, our first collection, was inspired by the vibrant yoga communities in London and Los Angeles and has been created under the moon of the magical island of Bali and on the shores of Goa.

We have created each design to inspire us and allow us to share our conscious lifestyle as we move through our practice and our lives. Using black and white as a return to simplicity and to find balance between night and day, yin and yang. Our designs reflect our connection to the moon, honouring the mystery, our intuition as well as more subtle yogic concepts through sacred geometry.


Move consciously


Our vision is to be part of a new era in fashion – with trade and production shaped by transparency, respect and care for the Earth. We only select materials that are sustainable and ethically produced while giving us the high quality and functionality for our active lifestyle.

True yoga is not about the shape of your body,
but the shape of your life.
— Aadil Palkhivala

Love your tribe


Don’t move the way fear makes you move.
Move the way love makes you move.
— Osho

Follow the moon


Find out when the tribe is gathering and where the moonlight shines on our first collection!