We know that everything in the universe is connected and every cause carries the seed of an effect. We choose actions that create wellbeing for everyone involved.


Make conscious choices

Each Moon Tribe piece has a story. The place where the plant has grown, how it was woven into a fabric, the people who have worked to cut it into shape, sew and print it. Then the day you wear it for the first time.

We want this story to be something we support and you can be proud to wear, spreading only good vibes to everyone we touch.


We have made sure that everybody who works to make our clothes is treated fairly and is working under good conditions. All our partners are members of the Fair Wear Foundation, an independent, non-profit organisation with the mission to improve labour conditions in the fashion industry.

All fabrics we use are sourced responsibly, manufactured in a way that leaves a minimal ecological footprint and printed using processes with a low environmental impact, recycling whenever possible. Our partners are recognised for their commitment and pioneering efforts to sustainability and ethical production.


With this at heart we have selected materials that are sustainable while giving us the high functionality and lasting quality for our active lifestyle. Each piece of our collection has been made of one or a combination of these fabrics:


One of the most advanced sustainable fabrics Tencel is a botanic fiber extracted from wood. It is biodegradable and feels especially soft and comfortable. Its ability to absorb moisture and dry quickly makes it ideal for movement.


A natural, sustainable textile with the raw material growing fast and in a variety of climates. Bamboo fabric is biodegradable and naturally antibacterial. It is light and durable, absorbs moisture and feels very comfortable and soft.

Low impact cotton

Responsibly sourced, high quality cotton dyed with approved chemicals using low water and controlled waste processes.

Organic cotton

Grown without the use of harmful pesticides and chemicals, encouraging biodiversity and drastically reducing the use of water – organic is always our preference.



As members of a conscious community we aim to contribute in leading the way into a new era in fashion – with trade and production shaped by transparency, respect and care for the Earth.

Currently textile manufacturing is one of the most harmful and environmentally damaging industrial sectors on the planet. With everything we buy we make a choice to indirectly support the way it has been grown and produced. Our intention is to offer an ethical and responsible alternative.



Our vision is to start a positive flow in all directions – inspiring you when you wear one of our pieces, allowing us to express our creativity, empowering the people who make our clothes and giving back to support a valuable cause.

We will dedicate a percentage of our profits each year to support the work of a chosen charity for a cause close to our heart. This year we are supporting Yoga Gives Back an international non-profit organisation finding a way for the global yoga community to help the poorest people in India, the country that gave birth to yoga. Founded in Los Angeles in 2007 and now a rapidly growing global community YGB focuses on empowering women and children to build sustainable livelihoods providing micro loans and education funds.