We are a new label for mindful movement designed in London. We create ethical clothes for contemporary yogis and yoginis to inspire us and share our conscious lifestyle as we move through our practice and our lives.


Our vision

Moon Tribe is more than a yoga label – our intention is to be an authentic voice in the yoga community. Deeply honouring our roots, the ancient tradition of this practice while at the same time at the heart of the contemporary conscious movement of yoga today.

For us yoga is a gift, a powerful tool and a life-changing practice. Let's honour it, spread the word, grow our movement and evolve through this practice to become the best version of ourselves.



Our story

Moon Tribe was founded in London by Simona Schimanovich – a free spirit, art director and yoga teacher. With a background in the creative industries and a deep love for this practice she wanted to realise her vision of a label for contemporary yogis and yoginis.

Honouring all the layers and true meaning of yoga and connecting this tribe of kindred spirits as we all move through our practice – whether in London, Auckland, Los Angeles, Tulum, Bali, Byron Bay or wherever the wind has taken us... 



These shining souls are inspiring us and sharing their magic and wisdom with the tribe. We are so honoured to have them alongside on this journey!


Alessandra Pecorella

Living and breathing Yoga and Ayurveda for more than 28 years Alessandra is a leading Vinyasa Flow teacher based in London. She has studied Prana Flow Yoga with Shiva Rea and has been teaching in the UK and internationally for the past 13 years.

Sharing her wealth of knowledge she is the founder and principal teacher of Aditya Yoga School as well as the first Prana Flow Trainer in the UK.

Calli Popham

A beam of light Calli shares her creative flow across London, on retreats, teacher trainings  and festivals internationally. She believes in gratitude, positivity and finding joy in the every day.

Growing up in the spiritual town of Glastonbury with nomadic parents, Calli was drawn to yoga at a young age and has practised for over 20 years on and off. A real Aries Moon Child, she is passionate about sharing yoga and is grateful every day for the opportunity to live her dream.


Chetana Thornton

Chetana first studied yoga in India, discovering ashram life from 17 years old before meeting her guru at 21 and living at Amritapuri where she studied all aspects of Bhakti yoga, Karma yoga, Jana and Raja yoga.

As the founder of Awaken Heart Yoga she teaches internationally and creates magic through her amazing Acro and partner yoga blended with blissful Thai massage in the spirit of Bhakti with devotional chanting and sound healing meditations.


Dan Morgan

With the combined interest of developing a healthy body and mind Dan explored a multitude of disciplines from a young age including rock climbing, gymnastics, calisthenics, mixed martial arts, meditation and music.

Having found his true passion in the study and practice of yoga as a lifestyle Dan trained in Costa Rica and decided to dedicate his life to teaching this life changing practice. He founded DCM Lifestyle & Yoga to share the continuous journey of self study and practice to build a balanced way of life.


Davin Jones

An inspiration through his graceful practice and the depth of his teaching Davin studied yoga in Rishikesh, India, with his background based on the traditional styles of Hatha, Sivananda, Ashtanga and Iyengar and a strong foundation in yoga philosophy.

He truly believes in the power of yoga to change your life towards health and inner peace and is passionate about spreading the knowledge and essence of yoga leading teacher trainings in the UK, India and around the world.


Carlos Romero

Living inspired – A yogi, surfer and artist Carlos is dedicated to cultivating an authentic and vibrant lifestyle connected to nature.

Based in Bali "The Island of Gods", he shares the path of Yoga and Healing Arts to bring people into their highest potential and ultimately into their hearts through sacred connection with nature. He teaches Vinyasa flow, Yin Yoga, AcroYoga and Thai Yoga Massage at the Yogabarn in Ubud and in festivals, immersions and retreats worldwide.


Gail Shock

Magical journeys, cosmic connections and down to earth guidance for today's spiritual soul sisters and brothers – Gail aka G Love is a modern day medicine woman, coach and quantum meditation teacher.

She leads meditation workshops, salons and retreats in London and internationally creating sacred space for immersive transformation and change, supporting us to be more human.

Kerry Wilde

Kerry is a radiant sister, mother, healer and yogini. Her movement yoga classes are all about slowing to the flow, allowing the divine to trickle through, opening up to the portal of softness and power breath by breath.

Through her own awakening, she has been studying women's healing practices for many years. Kerry guides movement and tools that allow women to remember who they are to tap into their innate wisdom, wildness and freedom.


Nick Elisseos

A free spirit and adventurer Nick has spent the last 4 years in over 14 countries travelling around the globe inspiring the community through AcroYoga and Play.

Originally from New York he discovered and started studying yoga in California. This experience and working with the Deepak Chopra Centre had a profound impact leading him to embark on a life-changing journey, spiritually and geographically. Now he teaches globally at workshops and festivals – with the aim of giving back by bringing people together through yoga and play.